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Our expertise as a trading company offers you the most trustworthy and efficient services to pinpoint markets and commercialize the export products you require to continue your international business

Mach Internacional holds the exclusive distribution of the following European firms:


PRIMUS AB.: one of the world’s leading manufacturers of an extent line of camping products, such as lamps, stoves, gas mantles, glass globes for lanterns, gas cartridges and accessories.


SIEVERT AB.: important manufacturer of a broad range of high quality soldering and heating tools consisting in burners, handles, interchangeable burner tips for various domestic, industrial, plumbing, jewelry and roofing and road works applications.

TRUE BRANDS LTD.: Major designer and manufacturer of an extensive line of high quality pocket tools, distinctively LED torches, multi-tools, knives, key-rings accessories, watches and windproof lighters, among others.

Our sales network incorporates department, camping, sporting, gift, tobacco and hardware shops, as well as, auto boutiques and trading companies.

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